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Things are coming but got news on Tuesday that will cause some adjusting with my scheduling.. will update when know more info
It's a  bit of a long road travel but tring my best to draw some stuff and show off. might be sketches, if so do people like to see that
(This was Posted on my FA page but i'll post here as well)

As you know on Christmas I left a journal entry saying that nobody liked me and I felt like I was being use. I am surprised I got a good few comments to help me out despite me not commenting back. I think people who watch me last year would know that I was suffering With Depression but there wasn't a flat out what depression. 

Well... After the journal post I look online and discover thoguh my family what I'm suffering with, Major Depression Disorder (MDD) it also is know as unipolar disorder and Clinical depression. Now if you look this confusion up you would find out this is the worst one to get for it is the one that may cause someone to take their own life. Learning with both my family trees I concluded that this was due to a chemical imbalance in the brain that started around the end of 2012 leading to 2013. However I thoguh this sadness was because of financial reason so didn't pay much attention to it, that was until I finally have a full time job with decent benefits...And realize I was still depress. Because of this I would say last year 2016 was the worst year for me. I was aguing and getting sad from my friends happynes and became envious of their gifts despite I never was before, I started to do less art and worst I was indeed playing with the idea of sucide. ..

The good news thoguh is I told both my parents how I been feeling which has help me out. I have also talk with my family doctor about it and currently on a trial period of anti depressions, can't say if they fully working with me but has seen a improvement when it comes to taking more control of my life. So right now I'm and tracking on a road to recovery, it's possible I might be down again but I am fight to make sure I do relapse again. 

So what does this mean for art? I still am fine with drawing people stuff but I have to try to draw things for myself, and I take request as that, meaning I might not do then if I'm not in the right mindset but that's fine. I'm hoping to this year post more of my art with a help of a friend to get we of it posted on this channel.

But I am focusing my time on something else too, In September I have started recording and uploading long plays on YouTube for gameplay. The best to describe my channel is if you like Vinesauce chances are you like my stuff, I give at lease everyone I'm off and viriaty of games to look at. Althoguh I can't directly tell you my channel because I don't want it to be linked to this account, if you are interested I could send it thoguh PMS or something private.

So that's really it for a update, I hope to hear some people back at lease from this journal entry and I do thank you for taking the time to read this.

    So there was a journal posted Sunday on here that I was done period and was leaving. Some of you have posted in the comments or even note me being concerns on the very vague journal in question and I am very humble and sorry for what I did there. I would of posted this sooner but was working that next 2 days.

    To better explain what happen or if you didn't see the post on Sunday; I was having a minor meltdown and going in damage mode on my channel. For those who don't already know( if this situation didn't clue in) I'm currently suffering with Depression. To explain this feeling is usually the though of some how not knowing that I dug myself into a hole and now gotten myself stuck inside. My efforts of trying to climb out of this hole (doing things to make me happy) has cause me to keep on falling back down (things going wrong or pessimistic thoughts) and just make it worst on my case. Because of this I have been lacking in content and creativity; this has also cause me with having problems with a few friends i keep in contact with, causing me to argue and be mad at one of them because I was getting envious and depress when I found them getting art of their ideas from others (when in the past I was more happy and was great to see). At first I though it was was because of financial security (not having a job that I could live off on), but after getting a job that "pays the bills" I discover my Depression was more than just that.

    Now I'm not going to leave the channel or abandon this place (despite it already feeling like it) but I am going to try to do something to better help myself. Now I not going to get mediation cause it doesn't cure the sickness honestly nor does talking to a therapist. However these things will help hopefully get me out of my rut that I'm in.

    - First is health, I feel I need to better myself by being active more often than I am ATM.

    -Post shorter tfs and more fun ideas out more to test my skill and improve my art.

    -Make a series I feel I like to work on and I will do it when ready.

    -Making video game stream for Twitch and Youtube that doesn't bare the Octorber13 name

I hope you all can bare with me on this journey and I am sorry on what I did, I guess I was my cry for help
I'm just done, bye.
Things are coming but got news on Tuesday that will cause some adjusting with my scheduling.. will update when know more info


Anthony Hunter
Artist | Hobbyist
(Coming soon)


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